Performance Design

Beatrix Winds 2018: Into The Woods

A show about a couple that has a strange experience while walking through the woods. I wrote the story, the text for the voice-over and I am the voice-over itself. The performance-design is also from my hand.

Beatrix Winds 2017: Modern Times

A show about Charlie Chaplin’s classic movie, “Modern Times”. I did the performance-design.


A drum corps show about the past and the future of Beatrix’ drum and bugle Corps, Hilversum.

Christian de Jongh
Koen Otten
Leendert Zuyderduyn
Patrick Hennipman
Johan Wienen
Robin Kloek

In Fair Verona(2013)

An interactive play about the citizens of Verona, the town of Romeo and Juliette.


Roland Volbeda
Jeffrey de Kogel
Saïd van Hattum
Joost Bos
Robert Groenewald
Ernst-Jan van Melle
Leon Tukker

The Happening(2013)

A research conducted by Anna Maria Versloot, about improvisation with music and image in one theatrical space. In this research I performed with my trumpet, wich I used to control images and different lighting, and I did some live light-drawing.


An interactive tour for children, through the railway museum in Utrecht.

Daan Bosch, Lana Duiverman, Keri Folkerts, Charlotte Grunsven, Saïd van Hattum, Sarah Huygens, Jeffrey Kogel, Déwy Kuiper, Richard Lagemaat, sharon Merk, Mitch de Mooij, Jochem van Rijsingen, Suzie Roijmans, Vera Selhorst, Pema Tigelaar, Saskia Tilanus, Marlise de Waal and Wijnand Buisman

Three Times Three(2011)

An interactive story, told through a “three times triptych”.