Nobilis: The Boardgame


Nobilis means, in literal translation, “noble”. Nobilis: The Boardgame is a game about ranks and power. What do you give someone else, what will you get back? Do you give someone else a chance to a better life, or do you let that person down so you can climb up? Can you still look at yourself in the mirror at the end of the game?

Everyone makes choices about others, from time to time. A job application, a wish or something completely different like giving someone a role in a play. But however small that choice is, there is always an impact. The choice influences the other person, as well as yourself. Your choice can make you do your work, but it can also decide how the life of the other person goes. Does your choice have the consequence that the other gets no money? No place to live? No dreamjob? Sometimes power lies in a simple choice, yes or no. On what do you base that choice? What are the consequences for you? What are the consequences for the other? Think about that.

Make your choice.