Interaction Design

Killer: The Evolution(2016)

Currently I am working on a project that brings the game “Killer” to a higher or simply different level. Testing and tweaking the gamedesign piece by piece, to end with  a game I could use for creating more social cohesiveness in my hometown Almere. I also have plans to make an app for it.


The Game(2015)

A transmedial experience through your own life, inspired by the movie “The Game”.


Demo: The App(2015)

Prototyping for an app about making group decisions using co-creation.


Kubus de Game(2014)

A transmedial game for teenagers in a new neighborhood in Leidsche Rijn, Utrecht.

Jim Strolenberg
Roland Volbeda
Joost Bos
Ronald Werkhoven
Jeffrey de Kogel
Sebastiaan Hensen
Robert Groenewald

A Matter of Time(2012)

A game about a little walking clock in an evil walking clock world.

Leon Tukker
Sam Bavius
Sebastiaan Hensen

You can download and play the game here.