Willy Butterbur, Man of the Small Folk

Credits image: https://nl.pinterest.com/pin/162903711509210484/

Living in the town of Bree, between Hobbits, outcasts and Dunedaín, Willy Butterbur had a secluded life. As the son of the unusual match between a Hobbit and a Human, Willy was a bit of a strange copper coin in a bag of gold. With his last name he was never seen as full Human, while he was not short enough to have a home with the Hobbits either. Though, due to his natural curiosity and will to learn, he soon became a walking source of knowledge and the go-to person of Bree. Hobbits and Humans alike visited him and his personal library for council. Even Estel, leader of the Dunedaín, was a returning visitor. From every meeting, Willy learned. About lands around the corner, or even far far away. He learned about habits, locations and even some secrets. These secrets turned Willy into an addict for knowledge, if he wasn’t one before. His curiosity triggers an unfathomable search for the brightest and darkest secrets of Middle Earth. He feels there is something out there to be discovered, something that is going to change the course of history. Willy is not sure what the secret is going to be, but he is determined to be the one who finds it. So much, it makes him leave his sheltered home and travel the world.