Mirakas, fallen Prince of Mirkwood

Mirakas, fallen Prince of Mirkwood

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As a descendant of the old lords of Valinor, Mirakas has a vale of honour around him. Although, this vale has become extremely thin. He, the way younger brother of Legolas, always stood in the shadow of his big brother. Trying to live up to the family, Mirakas tried to prevent the Battle of the Five Armies by visiting Bolg, leader of the armies of the enemy. Logically this did not go very well, it resulted in the death of 11 of his companions and the capturing of himself, inside the ruin fortress of Dol Guldur. The only reason that he is alive is because of the visit of the White Council to the old fortress, to dispel the Necromancer, later revealed as the spirit of the Dark Lord himself, Suaron. When Mirakas returned home, word of his endeavors had spread. These rumors, as Mirakas likes to call them, told a story of betrayal, failure and death. His fellow kinsmen looked at him suspiciously. There was no laughter, no happiness, no trust. And because of this, Mirakas eventually fled his home, determined to restore his title and the love of his people.