Frida, daughter of Farald

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Frida, a well-traveled woman out of the town of Esgaroth, former known as Laketown, is seen as an Emissary of her people. After the death of the dragon Smaug at the hand of Bard, her hometown became crowded with tourism. Many of the inhabitants of Esgaroth took their advantage of this. Sales of so-called dragon bones, introductions of “ages old traditions” and extraordinary parades took their place in the never again quiet town. Frida, who with her large stature never really fitted in anyway, decided it was time to travel the world. During her travels through regions as Rhovanion, Rohan, parts of Gondor and even Mordor, she met many folks and creatures. She saw much, one would say too much. Making a short visit to the gates where the lands of Gondor meet the grounds of Mordor, she saw enough to draw her own conclusions: the Shadow is real and it must be stopped. Reaching many great halls as an Emissary, she speaks to every ear about the threat of the Shadow. But her entreaties often fall on deaf ears. This leads her to make her life about stopping the Shadow in every place, in every corner of Middle Earth, together with as much fellow good folk as she can muster.